Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party is On!

From April 1st to April 8th, it's time for the Ultimate Blog Party, courtesy of 5 Minutes for Mom .  This looked like SO much fun, I just had to join in.  I'm a newbie at this, but I can see that all week long I will be blog hopping, making new blog friends and having a ton of fun doing so.

Hello Everyone joining in on the fun!  I'm so excited to be here.   I'm Jackie - Mommy of 2 beautiful boys - a toddler and a preschooler.   I'm on a journey to become a healthier, happier and more creative Mommy - one who won't look in the mirror and wonder who that person is, because I'm discovering more and more about her every day.  I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of January 2011 and so far I've lost just over 21 pounds.  It's made an amazing difference in my life.  I've also had a huge help in doing this as I've been a part of the Mommyfit2011 challenge, sponsored by and Total Body Revolution.  I have to credit this for getting my mojo back, keeping me on track and finally getting me to be active.  It's been a most amazing experience!  You can read more about that over at the urbanmommies blog if you're curious.

I'm an over 40 mommy who also works full time - so I need all the help I can get to keep up with my kids! 

This journey is more than a weight loss plan, though.  I want to rediscover my creative side, and while I've been sidetracked with the never ending reno, I'm making time to write and pursue things to bring back out this side of me.  A mom's job never ends and I want to inspire everyone to make little changes that will add up to huge gains (or losses, as it were). If I can do it - anyone can do it! 

Welcome to my blog!  Leave me a comment if you like, as I'd love to come over and visit your blog, too.  There is nothing better than a cup of tea and a chance to meet new people.  :-)


  1. happy ubp!! sending you a virtual cup of tea!


  2. 21lbs that's awesome! Congrats! Hope you continue to reach your goals. Now following you from the UBP.

  3. Wow - you are so inspiring. Thanks so much for following and for your kind comments, but I think I'll be stopping by your blog for some inspiration!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm a mommy of 2 little boys, too. And congratulations on your weight loss. I need to get on the band wagon of lossing weight and eating better.