Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reality Check

The announcement of the winner of the Urbanmommies Mommyfit2011 challenge was announced this week and well, it wasn't me.  For a moment I felt sorry for myself - after all I'd worked hard.  But when I considered just how hard the winner - Caroline Alarie - had worked, well, the choice was easy.  Over 8 weeks, I lost 13lbs and a whopping 17 inches (5 off by belly and 3 off my butt!!) and I am ecstatic over it.  After all, this is me we're talking about. You know, the girl who never - ever - exercised!  And I've changed my life into one that's got plenty of activity.  Go ME, right?  Caroline - she lost over 20lbs, 28 inches and worked out damn hard for 50 of the 56 days.  Really.  I can't say that about me.  She didn't make excuses. I did, and I've learned a lot from that.  But still, a lingering sadness.

Then something I've suspected at work was made public that same day.  A woman I work with who has fought a very hard battle with breast cancer shared with her team and coworkers that her diagnosis is terminal.   I've had this funny feeling about it for a while, but have wished so hard for her to win this war.  She is close to my age, has a little one who is close to my son's age and should be thinking of summer play dates, tea parties, prom dresses and wedding gowns for her daughter. Not this.  Dear God, not this. 

I cannot imagine what she is going through - knowing that her dream is being stolen.  It's wrong on so very many levels that I can't even begin to find the words to express it.  Knowing what a strong, generous and caring person she is, I'd say she is trying to savour every single moment, build every single memory for her family that she can and is going to live her life to it's fullest - each moment precious and treasured for herself and those around her. 

And so, not winning this challenge isn't really such a big deal in the great scheme of things.  Knowing this strong and gracious woman is.  She deserves all my wishes and a prayers.  As one mother to another, as one woman to another, I can do no less than learn the lesson she is sharing and live my life to it's fullest, knowing how precious it really is. 


  1. Our daily struggles are put into perspective when compare to those who are facing life and death, aren't they? Prayers for your co-worker and her family. A big congratulations to you for you hard work!!

  2. Jackie you're words are so bang on, you are also a winner. I just probably had more time to exercise because I'm at home and lucky that my daughter sleeps her regular two hours nap everyday, that's when I exercise. As for your fellow co-worker/friend, I feel for her even though I don't know her. Having a good health (and hopefully forever) is a huge prize in itself, I could not imagine going through this and my thoughts are with her and her family. It is unfair I totally agree.