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I work in the city but I love living in the 'burbs so much we moved there - despite my crazy commute. The closer I get to home, the more relaxed I feel.
This Mama can't wait to share all the fabulous finds and 'must have' things that come my way. After all, if something's great I've gotta tell everyone! 
Join me as I share the ups and downs of suburban living, my journey to be more creative and organized (even with 2 super active little boys) and a whole lot of this and that. While I live in Fraser Valley, B.C., it's easy to translate the suburban experience to pretty much anywhere - and even city folk love to leave the hustle and bustle sometimes!
And living in the most expensive corner of the country, it takes a little savvy to keep it all together.  I'll share what I've learned - and hopefully you will, too!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creating Change - both body and home

Where, oh where, does the time go?   A few things have happened since my last post, that's for sure.  The biggest, I think, is that I turned 44.  Yep, 44.  I'm definitely one of those 'older' mommies.  It is said that having children later in life is good as you are more patient and you've gotten your life together, etc.  I'm not sure who said that.  I can vouch for having impatient days and I'm one who struggles with organization.   I suppose in the general realm of things, though, having a bit more life experience does have its perks. The downside?  I've not got the energy of a younger mom.  But I'm working on that!  With every pound I lose and every workout I make it through, I know I'm changing this body into one that will serve me better.  I've gotta keep up with my kids, after all!

I saw changes when we went out for my birthday. I ordered healthy things off the menu and made it through a breakfast buffet with great choices.  I was satisfied with things I'd never have chosen before taking part in the Mommyfit2011 challenge.  How wonderful is that?  It's definitely opened my horizons to some new food choices and to seeing the benefit of exercise.

Our reno continues.  We've had setbacks with illness and just plain scheduling overload, but it's nearly done!  I need a shower put in, the closet organizer added, and then it's just mouldings and touch ups.  How exciting is that?  Once we are done, I will share the big reveal here.   This is the fun part -where I get to make it pretty.  I've got lots of ideas, that's for sure.  One thing I have my eye on is a clothes dryer - one that hangs from the ceiling and you can pull down the rods to add your clothes.  It's from Sundog clotheslines and is the ceiling lift that you can see if you scroll down.  I love this idea as I hang to dry most of my work clothes.  With the cost of hydro set to rise and then rise some more, I figure something like this will be a great way to save money as well as contribute to my 'greening' of my household.

With two weeks left in the Mommyfit2011 challenge I was determined to work out everyday.  What I didn't plan on was the stomach flu hitting our family.  I've been down and out for three days (ugh) but am beginning to feel better, if weak.  Here's to hoping a day in bed (with the kids at their grandparents) will help me recover quickly.   So off I head, back to bed, so that maybe by tomorrow I can get back to my Total Body Revolution workout!  While some of the workouts are really tough, I'm much much better at them than I was 6 weeks ago. And since I plan on continuing, imagine where I'll be if I do it for another 8 weeks?  Lookout summer... here I come!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moving Along!

I've literally gotten moving this week and you know what?  It's made a difference.   I'm down a little on the weight side and I'm feeling pretty peachy keen about it.    I've bought a new pair of pants - a size smaller - and the feeling that gives me is indescribable.  I'm not going to be able to contain myself when I reach my goal. I'm pretty sure I should start saving now for that.  It's gonna be one crazy shopping time.  

I'm learning that it feels good to move. This coming from me - exercise hater extraordinaire - is pretty amazing.  I love my yoga class, I am loving some of the workouts (some I love more after they are done), and I just plain love the way it all makes me feel.  I haven't had bursts of energy like this in a long time. 

It's not to say I'm perfect.  I'm not doing it everyday as I'd planned, but I am moving about more.  I get out the door on my long work days and head off for a walk downtown.  Usually with a goal of a shop at least a 10 minute walk away. I might not have much time, but that's at least 20 minutes of brisk walking.  And on a sunny day, that is just priceless.  Even better when I have good company for the walk.

A friend of mine has this as her tagline on her email signature "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain."  I just love this sentiment.  In fact, I took it to heart the other day.  I was feeling pretty low over losing both our cats in just under 3 weeks and the reno was overwhelming.  I was supposed to be painting, but I was just sitting around feeling sorry for myself (I'd not exercised either, I might add)  So I thought "hey - dance in the rain..."  turned on and up some music and got to work. Yep,  it was probably pretty funny for anyone looking in the window watching the fat chick (soon to be fit chick) bopping around.  But then again, if they are looking in my window, they get what they get, right?  I was amazed what I did in just a couple of hours.   Definitely the best advise in a while.  So remember it!

There is always going to be 'something' that gets in the way of your goals and your dreams.  A birthday, an event, good news, bad news, sad news, exciting opportunities... it never ends. There will never be a perfect time to get started, to work on that project, to make a change, to stick to a plan.  So just do it - turn on that music, jump in with both feet and tackle it head on.  And if you can, dance while you're doing it.  Trust me, it's way more fun.

And soon.. the laundry room reveal.  Just a heads up, the biggie stuff is done. Once I make it pretty I'll share!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Changes are afoot!!

It finally happened!   It really did!!!  Someone came up to me and said that they’ve noticed the changes in me.   Yep, they said they could see I’ve been losing weight.  And it happened not once, but twice!  Seriously, a little more of this and it’s going to go to my head!   It is such a thrill to have people notice.  In fact, I dare say it validates what I’m doing and helps to make me a little prouder of myself.   When you are looking at losing 50 or 60 pounds (and that’s leaving me looking healthy, not skinny) it’s a pretty daunting thing.  The end seems so far away and even those little milestones don’t always feel like they count for much in the great scheme of things.  Oh sure, I know that it takes babysteps and that slowly working my way to the goal means habits changed, goals firmed and an increased chance of success over the long term – but knowing all that doesn’t make it any easier.   We all want the quick fix, right?

Yet when someone else – who does not have a vested interest in your life – says to you that they can see you are slimming down, you know you got something right!  I knew there was a good reason to make sure everyone near and far knew about what I was doing! For all of us who struggle with making change, who stumble their way along through the path to success, I say this one thing.  Share the journey and you  WILL be successful!  And the reason I know this is simple – it’s because others can see the changes in you that you can’t see in yourself.  And sometimes, no matter how much we try to love ourself, we just need a new perspective.

So say this out loud, k?   “GO ME!!!”  …repeat as necessary.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Catching up...

I thought I'd make a quick peak in here to say hello!  With all the craziness in my life, it's been tought to find time to post here this last week or so.  Our reno goes on - today I am sanding, sanding and sanding some more so I can wipe down the walls and get some painting done back there!  The back end of my house is a disaster - no laundry, one toilet missing, just, well, blech!  But - there is light at the end of the tunnel now! 

I cannot wait to get this done and to get into a big spring cleaning mode.  My house is a mess with things just having nowhere to roost at the moment. When the reno is done - I'll put away some of it and let go of the rest.  I can't wait!  That's the part I like - putting it back together.

With all this clutter, it's hard to stay focussed and it shows in my not working out a few times this week.  I have discovered that getting up at 4:30 am is NOT going to work for me.  I did plan to do my workout last night and then prep walls, but life had another twist - we had no power!  Nada, nothing. anywhere around us.  So no walk, either as it was  pitch black out there.  So today I work hard, I'll workout hard then work hard some more.

My big cheer came today at Weight Watchers. I popped in for a weigh-in and I was down a few more pounds!  I'm now at 13.8lbs lost. I'm thinking I can make it at least an even 15 in time for the next weigh in.  Especially if I work out hard and really focus on the food I am eating. 

My creative side is getting a little boost.  Thankfully I had my netbook charged last night, so I did some work on my writing in anticipation of tomorrow.  I'm heading out to a writer's workshop and have an appointment for a 10minute chitchat with a romance editor who will critique my first three pages of my novel.  Cool!  So, as you can imagine, I was editing it to death last night and still looking for better direction for the characters so I could give a really quick overview of the story.   I'm excited about getting out there tomorrow, that's for sure.  It will be a good shot in the arm of motivation for me to get back to working on my juicy romance!

In case you were wondering - I was up a pound last week at my weigh in (I didn't post it).  But the next day I was way down which left me wondering. I figure it was from the flights and being sick and once I was rested and hydrated my body went back to normal.  So hey - remember that the scale is only a moment  in time and things change!