Friday, June 22, 2012

Biannual Blogathon Bash!

Today is the start of the Biannual Blogathon Bash and I've signed up to spend the next 72 hours (ok.  what I can wrangle out of the next 72 hours) to get a lot of work done on my blog.  In fact, I'm starting a new blog - Savvy Suburban Mama which I hope to have up an running by Monday! Nothing like being a wee bit ambitious, eh?

As you may know, today will be a very tough day in our house as we share our last moments with our beloved dog, Kobe.  We have a vet appointment at 2pm.  I'm not sure how much I'll get done today, but I decided to stick with it since, for me, the best way to work through things is to get busy.  Writing helps me gain perspective, so I expect I'll do a few blog posts along the way about all of this.  I do plan to write one all about Kobe - from the moment we found her to the end. 

On a lighter note, I have spent the last couple of weeks making lists of whatever I thought might be useful. So here are  my goals:

  • Blog schedule - what and when do I want to post on my blog
  • Layout - figure out what works best for me
  • Pre-write some posts
  • Learn more about google+ and circles
  • read some of the articles I've bookmarked about blogging
  • look for ways to connect with other bloggers (and lo and behold that's a mini-challenge!! how perfect!)
  • sponsor ideas
  • write up a sponsorship pitch for a review/giveaway idea I have in mind with a local company
  • set up a facebook account to accompany my blogging
  • clean up my email and create files/rules to keep it running more smoothly
  • Make a bit list of potential blogging topics for those days nothing comes to mind
  • Look into CRA policies.  I'm a writer -both blogging and fiction and I need to get into the mindset of writing as a business and learn what records to keep etc as I'm slowly getting some compensation this year and need to account for that as well as my expenses.
  • Pinterest - explore a little further.  I had meant to sign up this weekend but um.. I got excited and went ahead early.
  • Ensure I have a post for the Great Canadian Blog Bash on Tuesday

It's a big list, I know, but I have faith I can get A LOT done.  I've got help - my husband is handling the birthday party the boys are going to on Sunday so I've got a lovely stretch of alone time there. And my two little guys know I'm working this weekend and we've picked out a couple of movies for them to watch and they are excited about them.  A few more hours of quiet time!  And because of Kobe, my Mom and Dad are taking the boys overnight tomorrow to make it a happier day for them.  We do have dinner at my parents on Saturday - but that leaves me a day alone since my husband will go some alone time for himself, too. 

I plan to turn this sad weekend into a positive and to think about happy thoughts and great things.  My boys need that - to know it's just part of life to move on, and to know that everything will be ok.  There will also be much snuggling and cuddling while they are awake since I like to stay up late.  

I don't expect much to be done this morning - but you will find me at my desk all night!  The keys might get a little wet, but I'll work through it. :-)


  1. That sounds like a good list to me. It reminded me that I need to get my pinterest up and runnning.

  2. Liviania - I'm glad I did mine last week - I'd have been lost there all weekend! It is such a cool thing.