Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A change is a-coming!

I can feel it in the wind... in my bones... maybe even in my bank account.   A change is coming.  And it's one for good this time around.  I'm looking at our home and figuring out why I feel so frazzled and so lethargic when I'm here.  I've come to the conclusion that my house looks pretty far out from those lovely calming scenes you see in magazines.  I'm OK with the fact that people actually live here. I'm OK with the signs of everyday life.  I'm not okay with chaos and clutter and the fact that life seems to be a never-ending declutter/cleanup/catchup session. 

Earlier this year I put both my boys into the same room - giving me the small bedroom as an office.  (amazing!!). They are thrilled to bits, by the way.  But in the move I came to the realization that they truly have an overwhelming amount of stuff.  One of my friends said it's like Toys R Us.  hmmm. 

I had read a testimonial on Flylady about a woman whose son was unhappy, unmanageable and unfocused. he was young like my kids and I got to thinking about her solution.  She took nearly all of his toys away, leaving him with 3 cars, some colouring stuff and maybe some Lego (I forget the exact items)  After a week, he was calmer and nicer to be around. When she asked if he'd like one of his toys back he replied "no, I'd rather go for a bike ride with you". 

I didn't go so drastic, but since we were home all weekend (#1 home came home sick)I decided to go for it and just move out a huge amount of stuff.  I didn't end up doing as much as I'd thought I would - but I did move out four large Rubbermaid bins of stuff (along with the 3 I did when I moved the rooms together) and now everything has a place.  And you know what?  They barely noticed what left the room. 

It left one complete set of shelves with coloured bins (the kind for all the little bits) empty - so I turned it into a Lego centre with all the different things having their own bins, plus separate ones for each boy for their special things. One awesome re-purpose!  I also left some space to grow, since I know they'll be allowed to have some things back once they keep up with care of the stuff they have out now.  (and I just know more Lego is coming)

I feel better about it all and later this week when I have my energy back, I plan on tackling my office.  I haven't put things away properly so it's the perfect time to use it or lose it, file it or toss it. 
I still feel a little guilty about the toys - I have to admit.  I keep thinking I should do it for me first - you know,walk the talk.  But I'll get there.  I wonder - has anyone else done this?  And what was the result?

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