Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Beginning

It's time.  Definitely time to get back on track.  Actually - I have stayed on track fairly well and can say that I ended the  year with a 23lb weight loss.  I have figured out maintenance - I just have to get back into the losing game again.  After getting sick in November things went a bit down the tubes as far as Weight Watchers but I'm back there and back on track.

I figure life is a journey and that little speed bump was just part of it all.   I have kept off my weight and I'm ready to move onto meeting the next goal!   (looking to lose 40lbs this year and then to choose a goal weight)

I think that the upheaval in our home of having our oldest attend kindergarten. different daycares, new schedule and new things that have to be done to accommodate everything is what took me off track from blogging. I had NO IDEA that things would change this much and that I'd be so busy!   But now we are in a routine and I'm getting some of my time back.  In our home October to December is fast paced with birthdays, Holidays and more..  I've already set up plans on our calendar for next year to avoid the chaos.  (who knew I could think so far ahead!)

Getting organized is the key to success, I think.  I'm tired of running in circles, getting nowhere, feeling frustrated and accomplishing little.   If I'm going to be successful at getting healthy, be a great parent, and keep up with a busy workload - then I have no choice but to plan ahead and to organize all parts of my life.  (in baby steps of course!)

So this year it's all about getting healthy (just like last year) but with the added plan to get organized too!   My incentive?  Being able to keep up with the boys, feeling and looking great and feeling a sense of  peace because I know where things are and what's on the agenda.  I love the sound of that, don't you?

( I wanted to add that after I wrote this I was reading two posts on Multi-testing Mommy's Blog and she totally hit the nail on the head in her posts.  Check out her Heart and Stroke foundation posts and she also posted about organization.  I think maybe she's living a parallel life to me.)

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  1. LOL "A parallel life" - I'm glad to have found someone w/ similar challenges because we can support one another!!! Thanks so much for the shout out! Great post and good luck with your journey.