Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ready Set Go! Again!!

I am off for six weeks - six weeks of summer bliss!!!  And.. exercise!  I decided that I would redo the 8 week challenge.  July 2nd was d-day.  Ok.. so the eating has gone mostly well the first two days, but with all the work around home, the exercise  not so much.  No worries, though - I'm getting up at 6am tomorrow to begin my daily routine for the I'm on worried - I'll be sure to lose those first.  :-)

I have so much I want to do while I'm off - not the least of which is getting away for a few days all by myself (which is happening and I'll share more on that later this month)  My plan is to get up at 6, workout while my husband gets ready for work, shower, get up the kiddos, breakfast for all and be ready to face the day around 8am - giving us the whole day to enjoy. 

I'm so excited to get going with my plans to work on my home, my routines, my health and spend time with family.  It's going to be great.  I do have a goal - 15lbs and 15inches. This is what I decided on - doable but I have to work for it - no coasting for sure!  I have a hair appointment booked in 8 weeks for a cut/colour - my reward for a job well done.  I say there is nothing like positive thinking, right?

And to add a little 'flavour' to my workout  beginnings?  I decided to start rearranging furniture - so there is stuff all over right now. I need to purge - my home is too small for all the things I've held onto.  I foresee a very interesting few weeks ahead!  Stay tuned and I'll share my journey! 

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