Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moving Along!

I've literally gotten moving this week and you know what?  It's made a difference.   I'm down a little on the weight side and I'm feeling pretty peachy keen about it.    I've bought a new pair of pants - a size smaller - and the feeling that gives me is indescribable.  I'm not going to be able to contain myself when I reach my goal. I'm pretty sure I should start saving now for that.  It's gonna be one crazy shopping time.  

I'm learning that it feels good to move. This coming from me - exercise hater extraordinaire - is pretty amazing.  I love my yoga class, I am loving some of the workouts (some I love more after they are done), and I just plain love the way it all makes me feel.  I haven't had bursts of energy like this in a long time. 

It's not to say I'm perfect.  I'm not doing it everyday as I'd planned, but I am moving about more.  I get out the door on my long work days and head off for a walk downtown.  Usually with a goal of a shop at least a 10 minute walk away. I might not have much time, but that's at least 20 minutes of brisk walking.  And on a sunny day, that is just priceless.  Even better when I have good company for the walk.

A friend of mine has this as her tagline on her email signature "Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."  I just love this sentiment.  In fact, I took it to heart the other day.  I was feeling pretty low over losing both our cats in just under 3 weeks and the reno was overwhelming.  I was supposed to be painting, but I was just sitting around feeling sorry for myself (I'd not exercised either, I might add)  So I thought "hey - dance in the rain..."  turned on and up some music and got to work. Yep,  it was probably pretty funny for anyone looking in the window watching the fat chick (soon to be fit chick) bopping around.  But then again, if they are looking in my window, they get what they get, right?  I was amazed what I did in just a couple of hours.   Definitely the best advise in a while.  So remember it!

There is always going to be 'something' that gets in the way of your goals and your dreams.  A birthday, an event, good news, bad news, sad news, exciting opportunities... it never ends. There will never be a perfect time to get started, to work on that project, to make a change, to stick to a plan.  So just do it - turn on that music, jump in with both feet and tackle it head on.  And if you can, dance while you're doing it.  Trust me, it's way more fun.

And soon.. the laundry room reveal.  Just a heads up, the biggie stuff is done. Once I make it pretty I'll share!


  1. Love this. I need to get off my butt right now and so some work. I think you just gave me the motivation I needed.

  2. So glad it helped! It's amazing how much a difference it made. Hope you get lots done!

  3. Great motivator...I needed that! Thanks.