Sunday, February 6, 2011

Passionate about my Pantry

Yes, you did read that right. I am so excited to be setting my pantry up again.  As you know, the reno goes on, but my pantry is done!  I'll include some pictures so you can see the before, during and after.   All I have left to do is wash the  floor (I forgot in my excitement to put stuff back in!).  The 'before' pictures are actually from when we were buying this house.  I was so busy trying to clear it out for the demo back there, that I forgot to take a picture.  Imagine it looking like this inside, only twice as full.    I decided that when it went back together I wasn't using it as a storage space.  It did hold my china (boxed up until my kids are a bit older) light bulbs, batteries, paperwork, and a lot of 'stuff'. 

I think part of this journey isn't just about getting me into shape and feeling good about myself, it's also about creating a home that I love to live in.  My pantry is a big start!

It's hard to tell, but there was a big gap between the shelves facing the door (picture 1) and the shelves at the back (picture 2)  It was wasted space there.   What we did was move the reinstall the closet that used to be at the back of the  pantry (door facing out to the hall behind the current wall) and moved all the shelves up so now they are a nice tight 'L'. 

Here's a 'during' photo.  I painted the whole thing in a cream colour.

Ahhhh. paint (Behr Ultra in Cafe Cream - low VOC - which is good as it's a confined space plus come with primer in it, great as I was painting thirsty wood and fresh drywall)

Now it's done - and I've been putting things back in.  I absolutely LOVE my tupperware modular mates.  They are just the best for a pantry.    I've had some of mine over 20 years now (I really did buy them young). And they still seal just as good as when I bought them.  See the link if you live in the Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley area - Kenn is the best tupperware guy anywhere.

See how it looks now!  Please ignore the floor and the fact I've not quite finished the moldings - I'll paint and put those in when we get the mitre saw.

Putting this back together is huge for me. Our house is a disaster zone and in order to concentrate on my Mommyfit2011 challenge, I need to create some order in here. It's improving as we get stuff done though!  And you'll see in another post that I went to war on toys...


  1. very nice job! I am a big fan of modular mates too

  2. Love your pantry! It looks so pretty and organized. Mine used to look like that until Deniska and Nikolai decided to help me organize it one day....LOL!