Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yoga - another form of pretzel torture?

I did it.  I went back to yoga class today at lunch.  I really like yoga, but thinking about exercise always makes me start to look for excuses, you know?   Today I shut down the naughty voice in my head, got changed, grabbed my mat and ran downstairs for the class (actually I took the elevator since I don't know the codes to actually get back onto the floor once I'm in the stairwell - maybe I should um.. look into that)

It was a new instructor and let me tell you, this was a much tougher class than the old one.  We had to hold those poses and my arms and legs were shaking when we were done!  She kept saying to let the pose go when we were ready.  Ready? Oh yeah!  but I wasn't going to be first so I held it there a few more seconds.   And you know what?  When I was done I was so proud of myself.  I did it and I felt great in that weird way you feel great after you push your body.  I'm going back next week. 

What have you done to spice up the movement of your body?   If you've a yen to try yoga, I suggest taking a class with a fairly hands on instructor to help you at first (all through this session I kept hearing my old instructors voice saying not to lock your joints, shoulders back into "angel wings", keep aligned, neutral hips... I loved how she guided a newbie like me)  My new instructor came by a few times and gently moved me - which I take as a sign that I'm better than I was in the beginning thanks to the previous learning.

Oh, back to you...  if you can't get to a class look for a video - GAIAM makes a good selection and I like theirs - they aren't an exercise video, they are a yoga video.  So you'll learn how to do the movements.  I liked the conditioning for women one where they had 3 people to watch and you follow the one at your level.  Most important - it should never hurt. If it does, ease back, listen to your body and chat with your health care professional first if you need to.

Yoga's not your thing?  Consider an exercise class, a walking club, swimming - anything!  I especially like the ones that allow you time to feel and think. That's where creativity is conceived - so nurture your body and a wonderful  project just might follow!

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  1. Good for you in going to yoga. I think I will skip on the yoga for if I ever got into a pretzel position I would never get out! :)